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Dominique Duncan of Nigeria

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

So dreamy!!!

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Photographer: Kasia Bielska

Makeup Artist: Cassi Renee

Model: Alima Fofana

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Badass women from history - part 2 (part 1)

  1. Cheering women at a Civil Rights march
  2. Black surfers at the beach
  3. Bessie Stringfield, “The Motorcycle Queen of Miami”—the first black woman to ride across the United States solo
  4. Black Lesbian group banner on the Lesbian Strength march, 1984
  5. Eartha Kitt doing yoga by the ocean

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Lucy Hicks Anderson was a pioneer in the fight for marriage equality. She spent nearly sixty years living as a woman, doing domestic work, and working as a madam. During the last decade of her life, she made history by fighting for the legal right to be herself with the man she loved.

After marrying her second husband, soldier Reuben Anderson, in Oxnard, California, in 1944, local authorities discovered that she was assigned male at birth. The couple was charged with perjury for marrying despite their both being legally male, resulting in ten years of probation. Standing up to the charges against her, Anderson said, “I defy any doctor in the world to prove that I am not a woman. I have lived, dressed, acted just what I am, a woman.” Years later, Anderson and her husband were charged again, this time with fraud after she received federal money reserved for military spouses. Both went to prison and were banned from Oxnard upon their release.

Lucy Hicks Anderson spent the remainder of her life in Los Angeles until her death in 1954, at age 68, leaving behind a legacy of authenticity and determination in the face of unjust laws.

5 Black Trans Women who Paved the Way — Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition

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Leonora Carrington  (1917 - 2011) 
Holy Grass (De la hierba santa), 1975
oil and tempera on canvas
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http://schuhtutehemd.com/ - Photo

Indian Hemp, Black Beauty - Chaka Khan, Black Glamour.


Disturbed by sultan atekoja

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Soul Train. Evelyn “Champagne” King. Episode 414, 1983.

Yas gawd

Yesssss! C’mon Champagne

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Our first meditation is based on June Jordan’s “Poem for South African Women.”  Remember the multitudes that breathe through you.  (And if you listen to the VERY end you will actually hear June Jordan laugh!)

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